Participant Testimonials

William Davies

Senior Managing Director

U.S. Bank

Mentee 2013


"Trust the process. It far exceeded my expectations and I had a massive year of growth."

Allan Bifield

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

George Weston Limited

8x Mentor

Nadine Hauf

Executive Director, Operations


Mentee 2014


"Roz has been an incredible help through many of my professional challenges. She shared her own personal experiences to help me put to practical use. She is not only well respected in the business community, but also has great talent to share."

Roz Tsai

VP, Global Institutional Training


Adjunct Faculty

University of St. Thomas

6x Mentor

Jennifer Meyer

Director, Center for Clinician Advancement
UnitedHealth Group
Mentee 2013


"I was able to look at myself and my goals more holistically. If I think about a turning point, it was probably during the Menttium mentoring program. It was a great journey for me. It made a difference."

Joan McIntosh

Executive Director
Joan McIntosh Consulting
9x Mentor

Patricia Hall

Director, Field Finance

Discover Financial

Mentee 2015


"Kathy was highly supportive in assisting me in the achievement of my goals. She demonstrated strong listening skills and offered valuable, actionable advice. She also was highly flexible in accommodating meeting requests. I benefited tremendously from her perspectives specifically relating to foundational leadership behaviors and relationship building."

Kathy Leck

Faculty and Executive Coach

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

12x Mentor

Shawna Dodds

VP, Product Development
Mentee 2014


"My mentor was incredibly valuable in helping me to think through actions and approaches I could take to help improve my overall performance. He listened to what my priorities were and helped to define a path to achieve my objectives. He was there for me when needed and was focused on what I needed to get out of the relationship. He was a pleasure to work with."

Michael Buckman

Managing Director / Co-Founder
OTM Associates
8x Mentor

Lisa Jansen

Director, Customer Service

UnitedHealth Group

Mentee 2014


"Connie has been an incredible mentor and I'm very appreciative. She is wise, insightful, and has definitely been invested in my growth and development. Connie's approach has truly helped me to reinforce and appreciate my strengths as well as helping me grow in the ways that are most meaningful for me as an individual and leader. As Connie has put it, I've been making 'thoughtful adjustments.' I have gained clarity and I'm excited about what I can deliver as a leader. I feel fortunate to have had Connie as my mentor and can't thank her enough. I will put to good use what I've learned."

Connie Haney

Senior Executive Compensation Consultant

Willis Towers Watson

3x Mentor

Sarah Hunt

Director, Strategic Development
Thrivent Financial
Mentee 2013


"Caroline 'got' me and my world, and she did so really quickly. This meant that we could dive into real work situations and work through them together, which was extremely valuable - I  could use the products of our conversations immediately. Caroline has a superior ability to analyze issues and does so with great questions, great objectivity and great care. This, combined with her clear thinking and language, helped me articulate both challenges and solutions in ways I wouldn't have otherwise. I'm really grateful for our relationship. It's been very rich."

Caroline Fortmeyer

Sr. Vice President, Risk Process Control
U.S. Bank
7x Mentor

Additional Testimonials