Accelerating Gender Diversity on Boards

Accelerating Gender Diversity on Boards

We have heard the story for years – women are not getting equal representation in business, and especially on corporate boards. There has been progress, but at the current rate, gender parity won’t be reached until mid-century. It is also known that there is a direct correlation between corporate performance and gender diversity in the boardroom. Simply put – if you are not investing in your talent development, your company may fall behind.

Menttium opened its doors 25 years ago with the mission of helping women break the glass ceiling. In fact, we work with many of the top US companies McKinsey & Company recognized in their recent article: “How to accelerate gender diversity on boards”. Developing a company mentorship program weaves together the three best practices identified in this article as critical to reaching gender parity.

Change your mind-set: Are women able to take risks and are they rewarded for innovation? Has the leadership of the company taken initiative to be outspoken about advancing women? Menttium’s Business Case template helps companies lay the foundation for changing this conversation at the highest ranks of the business.

Expand your criteria: No doubt your high potential women take the initiative to network internally, but how are they getting access to business leaders externally? How do they learn about market changes and strategies to impact the bottom line? Menttium’s Cross Company mentors all have at least 18 years of experience in corporate settings and average 7 years with Menttium.

Maintain an active pipeline: Mentoring cultures do not magically appear. A structured approach with a balance between mentoring, business education, and support cultivates long-term relationships that keep women engaged. Engaged women bring innovation. Innovation brings rewards.

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