Creating Inclusive Cultures

Speaking Up About Subtle Acts of Exclusion

In partnership with the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) experts at inQUEST, we are excited to offer this exclusive webinar on Creating Inclusive Cultures; Speaking Up About Subtle Acts of Exclusion.


Leaders, managers, and employees often commit subtle acts of exclusion in their efforts to bond, to be funny, to show familiarity, or to show curiosity, negatively impacting employee engagement and workplace culture. Speaking up when these interactions happen is critical for increasing inclusion for all, but it’s not easy. This webinar provided our Menttium community with a deep understanding of subtle acts of exclusion (microaggressions) and practical guidelines for speaking up in safe and productive ways to create and sustain inclusive cultures at work.

Founded in 2011, inQUEST sought to drive new and innovative thinking in the DEI space by bringing together a collective of thought leaders with years of experience working with clients in complex, dynamic environments— from start-ups to large global organizations. To learn more about their team and their work, visit


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