Ladders & Executive Mentoring

Please nominate participants through Jennifer Olsen in Leadership Development at Discover Financial Services. Enrolled Mentees will join the next available program launch. Deadlines are set approximately 2-3 months prior to each launch to ensure enough time to on-board mentees and identify the right mentor.


Launch Dates

March 10, 2021

(Enroll by December 31, 2020)

May 12, 2021

(Enroll by February 28, 2021)

September 15, 2021

(Enroll by June 30, 2021)

November 17, 2021

(Enroll by August 31, 2021)

DFS Prior Mentee Cohort Results


Added Value to their Career0%
Strengthened Job Performance0%
Strengthened Leadership Skills0%
Improved Confidence0%
Improved Career Readiness0%

Career readiness as defined by the ability to take on roles with greater complexity, scope or authority.

Why Menttium?

Proven Process & Resources

We train mentees AND mentors on their roles, responsibilities and how to be effective. We support partnerships at the right time with the right tools from lessons we’ve learned in when and how partnerships can fail. We train on key elements that can make or break a partnership including building trust quickly. Mentees will gain access to all components that support goal achievement. 

Technology Enabled, but not a platform you have to purchase.

  • We have an infrastructure specifically designed to support mentoring. We would not recommend spending your time and money on implementing expensive software and being locked into complicated contracts.
  • Menttium’s programs are turnkey after the design session and specifically designed that way because we know you have more important things to do than to coordinate the needed skills to create a program.
  • Our technology stack includes trusted partners meeting GDPR compliance:, Clicktools, Pardot, Conga, Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Add Event, Doodle, Zoom, WebEx, Wistia, WordPress, Box, JW Player, Amazon S3.
  • Our internal team includes: Administrative Wizards, Technology Geeks, Mentoring SMEs, Skilled Facilitators, Trained Interviewers, and Passionate Match Teams.
  • We have refined our content, technology and processes over the last 30 years so that you benefit from our lessons learned.
  • Also, if you are seeking supplier diversity, we are WBENC certified as a women owned business.

Return on Investment

Discover Financial Services has been leveraging Menttium’s Cross-Company Mentoring programs since 2015. In 2021, DFS is encouraging enrollment into the Ladders program for Managers and Sr. Managers and the Executive Mentoring program for Directors. Learn more about our programs from a Mentee Alumnus and Mentor Dell Birch, Ph.D.

Mary Kay Inc. has been partnering with Menttium since 1997. We initially worked with Menttium to develop female leaders through external mentoring, in an effort to promote more women to senior leadership. Today, we partner with Menttium to develop newly promoted directors, both male and female, through external mentoring, in order to support them in their transition from manager to director. Our mentees are happy with the matches that Menttium makes, and with the quality of mentoring. Just this morning I spoke with a Menttium alumna who did not believe in mentoring prior to her Menttium experience; however, the experience converted her and she is now a strong advocate for the program.


In 2006, Menttium helped Mary Kay design and implement a global internal mentoring program. We recently celebrated the tenth launch of the program, which has been wildly successful. Menttium was key in providing expert advice, especially for the matching process and for mentee/mentor orientation. While we manage the program internally, we continue to use Menttium’s materials to support the program.


Menttium has deep knowledge on the subject of mentoring. Their experts are always available to answer questions on the topic and to brainstorm solutions to the challenges that we encounter.

Mary Kay logo

Jennifer Long
Senior Organizational Development Specialist

Mary Kay, Inc.

General Mills logo

Sarah Petersen

D&I Specialist

General Mills, Inc.

General Mills has successfully partnered with Menttium for over ten years. We value this partnership for many reasons, but the most significant value is providing differential development opportunities to our high potential employees.


Our partnership with Menttium in the Menttium 100 program is given high praise from both our employees and their managers. We have heard that Menttium has resulted in increased readiness to take on roles with greater complexity, scope, or authority, as well as increased leadership capabilities. Employees personally have told me the value of working with an external mentor is critical, allowing them to have a safe place to talk and a broader network from which to learn from.


Menttium makes partnering in developing our employees easy. In all ways, they focus on customer service, going over and above. I appreciate their willingness to provide education and support to our employees going through the Menttium 100 program as well as myself, as I continue to improve our other internal mentoring programs.


I appreciate the value Menttium brings to our overall development offerings. I encourage you to explore how Menttium can partner with you in bringing differential development to your employees.