Mentor Orientation

For 29 years, Menttium has provided accelerated leadership development through matching highly valued key talent with seasoned business leaders in structured mentoring partnerships. We know the right mentor can accelerate learning, increase confidence, broaden perspectives and increase innovation. We appreciate and value your time and commitment, and look forward to ensuring that you benefit just as much as your mentee during your upcoming program.

Mentor Orientation

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Valuing Different Perspectives

Shunda Robinson

Global Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, GM Financial

Research indicates that certain characteristics help mentors and mentees maximize their Menttium experience. Not all of these characteristics are instinctive; some require conscious effort to develop. During our launch session, we will support mentees and mentors in an exercise to understand what characteristics are innate for each other and areas in which they will need to be more intentional.

Characteristics of Effective Mentors
  • Allow mentees to take primary responsibility for managing the mentoring partnership and
    actively engage in their role as “guides.”
  • Eliminate barriers to scheduling meetings and are accessible and available for informal
    contact between meetings.
  • Devote the necessary time and energy to make the partnership a priority, even during
    demanding work times.
  • Demonstrate trustworthiness and respect the confidentiality of the partnership.
    Are active, curious, and patient listeners.
  • Know that they do not need to have all the answers, and initiate connections to others,
    when appropriate.
  • Are sensitive that their executive title may be intimidating and they do what they can to
    minimize this perception.
  • Consistently follow up meetings with calls or notes, demonstrating the priority of the
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for and commitment to the mentoring process.
  • Pro-actively offer both positive and constructive feedback regarding mentee development
    and the mentoring partnership.
  • Are open to integrating both work and life challenges into their discussions.
  • Use coaching skills and behaviors with an emphasis on asking open ended questions.
Characteristics of Effective Mentees
  • Drive a learning agenda to ensure the greatest growth and development from the partnership.
  • Take primary responsibility for initiating and managing the mentoring partnership.
  • Devote necessary time to make the partnership a priority, even during demanding work times.
  • Accept that growth requires taking action and accountability.
  • Demonstrate trustworthiness and respect the confidentiality of the partnership.
  • Are active and curious listeners.
  • Seek out different perspectives.
  • Discuss their developmental needs openly and honestly.
  • Give mentors feedback regarding the value of their coaching and communication styles.
  • Are prepared with thoughtful questions and agendas.
  • Demonstrate that they are open to help and guidance.
  • Take risks and are willing to put their learning into practice



  • Cross-Company Mentoring

    All programs include a custom matched mentor, learning webinars, assessment and goal setting tools.

  • Learning Webinars

    You are invited to attend webinars with your mentee to bring leadership development topics into your one on one conversations.

  • Our Mentors

    On average, our mentors have mentored with us for seven years. Reciprocal learning is the number one reason for their tenure.

  • William Davies, U.S. Bank

    Hear Williams Davies share informationabout his Ladders mentee experience.

  • Jennifer Meyer, UnitedHealth Group

    Hear Jennifer Meyer share information about her Menttium 100 mentee experience.

  • Stefani Tygar Barnes, Wells Fargo

    Hear Stefani Barnes share her experience as a mentor and former mentee.