Corporate Mentoring Services in Chicago

If you find the standard training or development programs don’t work as well as they used to, it’s time to incorporate a different approach. Corporate mentoring programs help cultivate key talent within your company through high-quality professional development opportunities. These programs work toward building a partnership between a mentor and mentee that enhances the self-worth and discipline of both through authentic dialogues and key learning moments.


With a wealth of mentees, mentors, and alumni in the Chicago area, Menttium is perfectly positioned to create a program tailored towards the unique needs of your Illinois-based company. In fact, we have nearly 30 years of success under our belt creating and facilitating high-quality, structured mentoring programs.


Leaders within your company are always looking for ways to support their employees and ensure that they are working toward improving engagement, job satisfaction, and retention rates. At Menttium, we are deeply passionate about helping you do just that by developing key talent to lead for the future.


With the help of our customized mentoring programs, you can work to stimulate employee learning and knowledge, create a customized approach toward training new hires, and build an environment that fosters creative and innovative thinking. From our internal corporate mentoring and cross-company mentoring to our Menttium 100 program dedicated to empowering women, if you are looking for mentoring programs in Chicago, we can help you identify a program that suits your unique business needs.


Internal Corporate Mentoring in Chicago


If internal knowledge transfer is important to your organizations, a customized internal mentoring approach may be the best fit. Rather than working with an outside company, your mentees will be matched with someone within their own company who is in a higher leadership position. Through our customized internal approach, mentees can gain valuable insights that will help them navigate your company’s organizational culture.


There are a few things to keep in mind with an internal approach, such as availability of experienced and willing mentors. Will you have enough employee interest? What qualities make up a good mentor? Do you already have mentor fatigue among your senior leaders? These types of questions are important when considering an internal corporate mentoring program. Of course, you can also seek outside mentors with a cross-company program, ensuring that your high-potential employees have access to experienced mentors outside your organization.

Internal mentoring can be an excellent way to develop emerging leaders, as well as foster a mentoring culture within your company through a customized approach based on goals and objectives as a company. Depending on your long-term goals, we can develop, implement, and even run a program that will unlock the full potential of your rising talent.


Chicago Cross-Company Mentoring


With a wealth of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the Chicago area, a cross-company program can expose your developing leaders to valuable interactions with senior executives. Cross-company corporate mentoring works by matching a mentee with a mentor from a different company. This style of program presents a unique opportunity for companies that are new to mentoring to expose key talent to seasoned leaders and executives.


With a 95% match satisfaction rate, our programs emphasize the mentor-mentee relationship – which is why we never use a computer algorithm to determine matches, but rather engage in a thoughtful interview process that focuses on personal and professional goals. We encourage mentees to seek a mentor with a different background than their own in order to produce diverse, authentic conversations that prepare mentees to navigate both challenges and successes in the workplace. Our results show that these types of relationships provide unique perspectives, support strategic thinking, and foster innovation.


High-potential employees need to be challenged, engaged, and supported. Through a cross-company mentoring program from Menttium, you can enhance crucial leadership skills and abilities in your key talent. Providing the next generation of leaders within your company with high-quality professional development is critical for continuing growth within your industry and for the success of your company overall.


Menttium 100


Women face a number of challenges and barriers in the workplace. Since our founding, we’ve been working to change that. Our Menttium 100 program was the first program we created, focusing specifically on developing, empowering, and building up women in the corporate world. We aim to instill confidence in female leaders and enhance their leadership capacity to advance in their organizations.


Women are currently 24% less likely than men to receive advice from senior leaders, but research shows that people with mentors are more likely to get promoted (Mckinsey&Company and LeanIn.Org Women in the Workplace 2018 Report). That’s why having a mentor is critical for women and essential to creating a diverse group of senior leaders within your company. When you equip women with the right mentors and essential resources, they are better prepared to take risks, accept additional responsibility, and apply for promotions.


Why Menttium?


At Menttium, we’re not just experts on mentoring; we’re deeply passionate about developing leaders and facilitating growth. Encouraging development and growth opportunities is critical, and mentoring programs continue to be one of the best ways to position employees to excel in the workplace. We’ll help you design, implement, and facilitate a customized internal approach or cross-company mentoring program. No matter which route you take, offering your employees the option to participate in a mentoring program can be invaluable to their long-term success.


At the heart of each of our programs lies the mentor-mentee relationship – that’s why we design each program to provide the tools, resources, and knowledge to allow for open-minded, vulnerable conversations and unprecedented learning opportunities. With the help of a mentor, your key talent can develop into changemakers and leaders within your company at an accelerated pace.


You’ll see a return on your investment by way of increased employee engagement, positive impact on retention, improved job satisfaction, and more. If you are ready to position your employees to become future leaders through a successful mentoring program, contact us today to learn more about what Menttium has to offer.