Dream Bigger

Dream Bigger

As children, we often view the world from the ‘anything is possible’ lens. As young adults, if our basic needs are met, then the world is a place to discover who we are and why we are here. Over time, though, we tend to believe that we have reached our potential and limit what we believe we are capable of contributing in this lifetime.

What we often fail to recognize is that our view of our potential gets narrows over time. For many of us, unless we draw on other’s experiences and perspectives, it is difficult to step outside of that view of ourselves. We start to make decisions about what we believe we can accomplish and what we believe is ‘out of our reach’ using our own inner voice as our filter.

At critical points in our lives and our careers, it often takes ‘an outside perspective’ to help us push past the limitations we have set for ourselves. Having a mentor in your corner can broaden your perspective, and help break through your self-imposed boundaries, to achieve what was once unthinkable.

Dream Bigger…