Case Study: Menttium 100

Menttium 100 Impact

Toya Werkheiser

Segment Marketing Manager at Cigna-Health Spring

Located in Nashville, TN

In 2016, Toya joined Menttium as a skeptical Mentee. She had been involved in other mentoring programs, but had only seen minimal results.


“After being selected for a number of mentoring programs for high-potentials and seeing minimal results, I was skeptical. However, Menttium’s approach is much different and selection of the mentor for me was a true match. He’s a coach, validating right moves, offering new perspectives and approaches, and cautioning against potential missteps. Our mentorship has grown organically and we call each other friends, even sharing family pictures and checking in periodically outside of scheduled meetings.”

Business Case

Toya wanted to focus on:

  • Growing her network from serving in a largely isolated role
  • Leveraging her new and existing network to add-value for the business and gain visibility
  • Continuing high-value, collaborative interactions to gain upward mobility

To support Toya in achieving her objectives, Menttium paired Toya with Artie Lynnworth, a former senior level Executive with Occidental Chemical Corporation and now author, avid traveler and committed mentor. This relationship was formed based on a variety of variables Menttium culled through Toya and Artie’s profiles, interviews and over 16 years partnering with Artie. A formal match which would have been unlikely to form organically as Artie spends most of his year in Chile, Argentina and Toya in Tennessee. Additionally, Toya’s focus on marketing in the healthcare sector has few commonalities with an author and retired executive in the chemical industry.


Number of Mentees Artie has Mentored since 1998

Artie Lynnworth

Former GM, SVP, Plant Manager at Occidential Chemical Corporation

Lives seasonally in Florida, New Hampshire & Chile

Mentoring Strategy

Toya and Artie regularly Skyped with each other to build rapport and trust over time. They focused on Toya’s goals and spent time focusing on building their relationship as well including their families in the conversations. Artie brought a wealth of business, leadership and life experience to the conversation as well as significant experience with diversity which was important to Toya. Toya, in turn, brought her whole self to the conversations. She focused on her goals and leveraged Artie’s unique cornucopia of experiences to her advantage.


Toya reported the following program results:

  • The confidence and validation reinforced through this mentorship has been invaluable.
  • I’m now in the process of scheduling exploratory meetings and pursuing more high­ visibility, collaborative partnerships.
  • This mentorship was the highlight of my work experiences this last year. Artie coached me through a number of really trying circumstances