The role of mentoring in a
rapidly changing
healthcare environment

Wisdom comes from broad experiences and different perspectives

Constant change is the norm in today’s corporate America. In the healthcare industry, the volatile environment is compounded by the uncertainty of the legislative and regulatory environment. Simultaneously, many healthcare companies are merging, divesting, expanding into new global markets, and introducing new products and services at a faster pace than ever. Furthermore, the competition for top talent has never been greater.


As a human capital practitioner, it can be a challenge to develop and execute on long-term leadership development and key talent strategies under these circumstances.

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Mentoring in a rapidly changing healthcare environment

Jeannine Rivet, SVP at UnitedHealth Group explains how the world’s largest healthcare corporation is utilizing mentoring to stay on top of their game.


Our healthcare clients tell us our cross-company mentoring programs enable them to:

Attract new talent

Retain key and diverse talent

Accelerate global leadership acumen

Manage rapid change adeptly

Gain Access to an Unprecedented Group of Leaders Sharing Diverse Perspectives - Here are Just a Few of our 7,000+ Mentors
  • Jeannine Rivet, 25x Mentor

    Executive Vice President, UnitedHealth Group

  • Jessie Burgess, 7x Mentor

    Chief Technology Officer, G6 Hospitality

  • Roz Tsai, 8x Mentor

    VP, Global Institutional Training, Ecolab

  • Steve Vakulskas, 10x Mentor

    Vice President, North America, Solution Architects, GE Digital

  • Jackie Seto, 10x Mentor

    Principal, Side People

  • Scott Barnum, 12x Mentor

    CEO, Black Brain Health