Mentoring Matters

Why I love Menttium

Artie Lynnworth, 25 year Menttium mentor shares why he continues to mentor with Menttium.

Managing your emotions

Sue Stanek, Ph.D., Menttium Senior Consultant with Menttium for 20 years, shares practical advice on leveraging a pause to control and your emotions for effective outcomes.

You are enough

Be generous, compassionate and assume positive intent. Lynn Sontag, Menttium Owner & CEO wants everyone to know you are enough and that life can be hard, you will fail, but it will bring richness to your life journey.

Habits to form

Never say “I’ll try” and always follow through. Artie Lynnworth, 25 year Menttium mentor, shares two habits worth practicing.

Life lessons

Jeanine Rivet shares her life lessons learned through each decade in her full podcast presentation – here are a few snippets of her wisdom throughout a highly successful career.

Service Mindset vs Ego Mindset

Focus on being the best for the world versus being the best in the world. Sue Stanek, Ph.D., shares how she shifts from a ego mindset to a service mindset.

There is always a solution

“Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.” One thing that sets leaders apart is that there is always a solution…
Artie Lynnworth, 25 year Menttium mentor, shares one of his favorite quotes.

Interpersonal Management

It takes conscious effort to assess how your style can be helping or hurting you. Sue Stanek, Ph.D. Senior Consultant with Menttium shares a story about when bringing others along is just as important as being an expert.


Representation and sponsorship of programs targeted at diversity, equity and inclusion matters. Listen to Dell Birch, PhD share a bit about why this is important and how it can be effective.

Learning at the point of difference

Menttium matches mentees with mentors based on the mentee’s goals and desired outcomes, we also probe to see how far we can stretch each individual as the greatest learning comes from the points of different perspectives. Lynn Sontag, Menttium Owner & CEO shares a bit more on the Menttium match philosophy.

Situational leadership for the win

Dell Birch, PhD breaks down his dissertation work on leadership traits and ultimately determines the most effective approach in leading is situational leadership – meeting and leading people where they are.

Behind the scenes

Menttium’s podcast host Solveig Brown, PhD breaks down the essence of Menttium and the impact changing the trajectory of one life has on others. Go behind the scenes with us to hear one of many conversations our passionate supporters have with the Menttium Owner & CEO Lynn Sontag.

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Celebrating Menttium’s 30 years in the business of developing leaders through mentoring and changing one life at a time. Our community of mentors share lessons on life, leadership and everything in between. We will continue to add videos to this showcase, so check back often to see our phenomenal leaders share their wisdom.