Mentoring Matters

Building relationships

Menttum alumni Dell Birch, PhD shares his perspective on the value of relationship building.

Formal and informal mentors

Identify formal mentors for continuous learning and informal mentors for targeted learning. Long time Menttium mentor Jeannine Rivet shares her perspective on the benefits of both.

The mentor experience

Bi-directional learning is valuable for mentors engaging in mentoring relationships and has kept Dell Birch, PhD coming back year after year for 11 partnerships.

Leadership and learning by decade

Jeannine Rivet breaks down common leadership lessons learned by decade.

Effective listening

Mobilize active listening into effective listening to help others understand their options and ability to execute. Dell Birch, PhD shares his spin on active listening.


The value of knowing your strengths and having vulnerability and humility is what makes teams work well together. Mentor Bobbi Dahlgren has mastered collaboration in her career.

Motivating Teams

Jim Gwaltney, Author & Retired Ford Motor Executive shares with us why motivating teams is more successful than intimidating employees.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Shunda Robinson, Global Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at GM Financial shares her perspective on how to DEI is a transformation of hearts and minds.

The importance of active listening

Thomas Schlick, retired executive, author and professor shares the importance of practicing active listening.

The value of negotiation

Al Johnson, Senior Director shares his perspective on the value of negotiation as a critical tool for conflict resolution. Seek to understand.

Leadership Habits

Kimberly Strong, Founder and CEO of Strong Connexion, and former Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion, Target shares her leadership habits that have formed her personal brand.

Change Management

Change is hard, but here are a few approaches to make change easier. Bobbi Dahlgren, Menttium mentor, shares practical approaches to make change more effective.

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Celebrating Menttium’s 30 years in the business of developing leaders through mentoring and changing one life at a time. Our community of mentors share lessons on life, leadership and everything in between. We will continue to add videos to this showcase, so check back often to see our phenomenal leaders share their wisdom.