Mentoring Services for Fortune 500 Companies

What creates a successful company? Effective leaders. Ensuring that the next generation of leaders within your business has access to high-quality professional development opportunities is critical to your company’s continued success and long-term growth within your industry. Mentoring programs are one of the best ways to cultivate top talent and forge those individuals into exceptional leaders. In fact, the American Society for Training and Development found that 71% of Fortune 500 companies utilize some sort of mentoring program, and 75% of executives credit their mentors for helping them reach their current position.


Here at Menttium, we are eager to help you cultivate key talent through effective mentoring programs. Not only are the programs we offer an excellent way to stimulate learning, provide professional development for future leaders, and aid in reducing employee turnover rates, but our range of unique mentoring programs can also have a significant impact on an organization’s business goals. From our Menttium 100 program dedicated to empowering women to our other cross-company and customized internal mentoring programs, we’ll help you identify the ideal program for unlocking the full potential of your future leaders.


Internal Corporate Mentoring


Through Menttium’s customized internal approach, a tailored mentoring program can provide your company with a number of benefits, especially if internal knowledge transfer is important to you. With this type of program, rather than partnering with external mentors, mentees are matched with someone within their company who is in a higher leadership position with the desired skills to support them. Menttium can work with your goals and objectives to customize an approach that will generate the most success for your unique company culture and employee base. Internal mentoring can be an excellent way to help develop emerging leaders and foster a mentoring culture within your company.


Cross-Company Mentoring


Cross-company mentoring works by matching a mentee with a mentor from a different company. Through our cross-company programs, we encourage mentees to work with a mentor that has a different background and varying experiences. We’ve found that this type of diverse mentor-mentee relationship allows for authentic, vulnerable conversations to take place, preparing mentees to navigate challenges as well as successes as their careers progress. Ultimately, learning from someone with a different perspective and operating outside the walls of your own organization provides unique perspectives, teaches strategic thinking, and fosters innovation—the exact results you should look for in a quality mentoring program.

By showing support for your employees in the form of leadership development opportunities, cross-company mentoring can accomplish your goal of accelerating the development of key talent and helping those individuals make important strides in their careers. Menttium’s cross-company mentoring program can help to diversify thought processes, engage employees, and improve overall job satisfaction.


Mentoring for Women


Women face a number of challenges and barriers when it comes to development and advancement in the workplace. Research shows that women typically won’t apply for a job unless they have 100% of the required skills, whereas men will apply with only 60% of the skills. We took note of this disparity and set out to change it by arming women with mentors who will encourage them to take more risks and unlock their full potential. Our Menttium 100 program was the first cross-company mentoring program we established, and we created it specifically to focus on building up women into successful leaders within their companies.


All too often, women in the workforce find it challenging to live up to their full potential and get access to broader networks of leaders based on merit alone. To overcome challenges and have opportunities to lead, women need access to corporate support networks that can help them grow, perform to their highest abilities, and lift up their accomplishments. In fact, there is a great deal of data and research to support the powerful role mentors can play in advancing women. For example, women are 24% less likely than men to get advice from senior leaders, but people with mentors are more likely to get promoted!


So how, exactly, can you set out to even the playing field? The answer is simple: look for the best and brightest within your organization, and help them to succeed by connecting each woman with a mentor. Menttium 100 aims to develop confidence in women in order to help them navigate through challenges and obstacles they will face throughout their career. Through a confidential environment, mentees can engage in vulnerable, meaningful dialogues with their mentors in order to help them accelerate their advancement and break down barriers. When you equip your high-potential women with an effective mentor, they will be more likely to take risks, accept increased responsibility, and apply for promotions more often than those who do not have a mentor.


Why Choose Menttium?


With 28 years of creating and facilitating successful mentoring programs under our belt, we’re perfectly positioned to help you design, implement, and facilitate cross-company and internal corporate mentoring programs. As employees begin to assume leadership roles within their companies, mentors can provide diverse perspectives and unique experiences to their mentees that will be helpful when they are faced with challenges and obstacles throughout their careers and even in their personal lives.


The mentor-mentee relationship is at the heart of each of our custom programs. Our mentees are matched with a mentor based on professional and developmental goals that are identified through an interview process, rather than by using a basic computer algorithm—this ensures that we find the best fit! We take the time to deeply get to know our mentees and mentors so we can make the most effective matches that will lead to unlocking potential! We have a track record of 95% satisfaction with our matches. If you are interested in investing in the development and success of your future leaders, contact us today to learn more about Menttium’s diverse program offerings.