Now, more than ever, your role of mentor is absolutely critical. Your mentees will be looking to you for guidance, tips, and comfort.


We appreciate and value each of you; please feel free to connect with us for support and guidance. We have devised a short list of ways you can continue to support your mentees effectively during these unprecedented times:

Tips for supporting your mentee during a crisis.

  1. Check in more frequently to see how your mentees are doing and what support they need; leverage technology to connect by video (consider Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, etc).
  2. Send any relevant/useful resources you come across to your mentees.
  3. Share any best practices and examples from your own organizations on leading through change.
  4. Leverage resources from Menttium to support your mentee.
  5. Maintain an attitude of positivity, optimism and hope!