Menttium Matters

Artie L

This week’s episode features Artie Lynnworth, a long-time Mentor, author, motivational speaker, and global executive.  Artie is an expert at change management and walks us through the techniques he has used to create successful cultural change.  He outlines surefire ways to foster team building and inspire team members to be passionate about implementing strategies that will benefit the organization.  Artie reflects on his 25 years of mentoring and the amazing personal and professional transformations he has witnessed in his mentees.  Artie also shares his habits for success, his advice to young professionals, and his favorite quote.


Video Segments: 

Servant Leadership

Perspective on how servant leadership and positive reinforcement creates highly successful teams from Artie Lynnworth, 25 year mentor with Menttium.

Care | Help | Trust

Three things employees look for in a leader include does this leader care for me, can this leader help me and do I trust this leader? Artie Lynnworth, 25 year mentor with Menttium shares how to accomplish all three.

Be your authentic self

Practical advice about taking the good and bad advice and being able to know the difference as well as being true to your authentic self from Artie Lynnworth, 25 year Menttium mentor.

Why I love Menttium

Artie Lynnworth, 25 year Menttium mentor shares why he continues to mentor with Menttium.

Habits to form

Never say “I’ll try” and always follow through. Artie Lynnworth, 25 year Menttium mentor, shares two habits worth practicing.

There is always a solution

“Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.” One thing that sets leaders apart is that there is always a solution…
Artie Lynnworth, 25 year Menttium mentor, shares one of his favorite quotes.