Menttium Team

Meet Our Team of Experts

When you work with Menttium, you gain our whole team behind you as a support structure. We’ve built our team to include seasoned experts in the art of interviewing, matching and managing relationships, strong project managers with a tenacity to help you follow through to meet your program objectives and analysts to cull through the data to help you prove the ROI of your programs. We have speakers, facilitators and story tellers. We also have a heavy quorum of perfectionists on the team who won’t settle for mediocre outcomes.


When I signed on with Menttium, I knew I had found what I was searching for – a way to follow my passion to help develop leaders across the globe. Now, more than ever, we need highly skilled, compassionate, visible leaders.
I wanted to be a Veterinarian when I was growing up.

Lynn Sontag, President & CEO


Thought leader, with over 30 years of experience in leadership development. Lynn came from 3M into a consulting role with Menttium 23 years ago. After working in the business, Lynn decided to purchase the company from the founder in 2002. Now, more than a decade later, Lynn is still heavily involved in supporting our clients to ensure significant ROI in each engagement.


Top 5 Strengths: Ideation, Input, Learner, Achiever, Responsibility


Throughout my life and career, mentors have played key roles in developing my capabilities as a person and leader. Learning about the proven processes Menttium developed and successfully applied to tens of thousands of mentoring relationships opened my eyes to the greater impact a structured approach can bring! I’m thrilled apply my passion for developing talent with my experience leading growth-oriented professional services firms.
I wanted to be an Astronaut when I was growing up.

Tony Morse, COO


Growth-oriented sales, marketing and operations leader with more than 20 years of experience with startups, midsize companies and large-multinational organizations. Tony joined Menttium to bring his experience leading transformation and growth to realize the company’s growth goals. Our goal is to accelerate the number of careers and lives impacted by Menttium programs.


Top 5 Strengths: Futuristic, Strategic, Achiever, Competition, Maximizer


Katie Hendrickson, Vice President, Client Experience


As a working mother, I have spent the last several years navigating my career and motherhood and making tough choices in order to design my own version of an integrated life. Many mentors have helped me along the way and I too have been a mentor; I am excited to join Menttium so others can discover the power of mentorship and rise to their fullest potential.
I wanted to be an professor when I was growing up.

Missy Chicre, Vice President, Product Development and Consulting Services

Passionate about the development of talent and helping organizations create an inclusive culture, Missy just joined the Menttium team after 11+ years working in various large corporations, most recently Cargill. Missy brings diverse experience in the areas of diversity & inclusion, employee engagement, change management and women’s initiatives. Missy’s goal is to further evolve Menttium’s impactful programs and to develop new products/services to continue to deliver value to our clients.


Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Learner, Competition, Input, Individualization


I love what one of our clients said about mentoring: Mentoring is gaining foresight through another person’s hindsight. (and I might add: insight) I get the privilege of hearing story after story from mentees and mentors about how mentoring has increased their leadership capabilities, and what it meant to them personally.

I wanted to be a professional auctioneer when I was growing up.

Sue Stanek, PhD, Senior Consultant


Sue has 30+ years of successful business experience, including product management, sales, sales management, learning and development, and consulting.  Sue serves as a Sr Consultant at Menttium, and is at her best when she is interacting with clients, providing practical, real-world experience to the successful launch of mentoring initiatives.


Top 5 Strengths: Positivity, Empathy, Developer, Communication, Maximizer


I love working in the world of mentoring. Sharing stories and hard-won truths continues to be the most powerful way to grow professionally, and personally. I appreciate the unique opportunity to support the learning and shifts in perspective which make such a difference to our mentees and mentors.
I wanted to be an author when I was growing up.

Megan Cummings-Krueger, Mentoring Program Facilitator


Megan is an East Coast transplant to the Midwest growing up outside of D.C., living in NYC, Philadelphia, Hartford, Ohio, and Chicago before settling into the Twin Cities. Her early years as a health educator resulted in a passion for learning and development and a Masters in Education. Megan is a skilled virtual facilitator who engages participants from a variety of backgrounds with a strong ability to connect and woo even the most skeptical of participants.


Top 5 Strengths: Ideation, Input, Empathy, WOO, and Positivity


I am excited to help make a positive difference in other's careers across the world. Hearing the success stories and program impact is truly rewarding.
I wanted to be an architect when I was growing up.

Dan LaVelle, Communications Coordinator

Dan has a background and experience in human resources and client focused-settings. With such knowledge, he focuses on supporting mentees and participant communication though a variety of channels. Dan is at his best when utilizing his creative thinking skills, and adding a unique, thoughtful element to his work.


Jill is an ICF Certified Executive Coach and hold certifications in Hogan Leadership Assessments, EQ-i 2.0/EQ-i 360, Bridges Leading Organizational Transitions, Lominger/Korn Ferry Leadership Architect & 360, DDI: Interaction Management.

Jill Hauwiller, Senior Consultant

Jill has 15+ years in Talent Management, Organizational Development, and Human Resources, Team and individual Leadership Coaching and a focus on mentoring program design and implementation.


Marci uses the keys to emotional intelligence and personal mastery to teach high-potential talent how to activate their innate strengths and lead their teams toward extraordinary results. She is also Senior Consultant and Trainer with Potential Project International - a global leader in providing customized, organizational effectiveness programs based on mindfulness.

Marci Heerman, Senior Consultant

Marci has worked for over 20 years with individuals and cross-cultural teams throughout the world. She has expertise in the international executive coaching community, and with coaching leaders in humanitarian organizations across the globe.


The constant change and my need to adapt and remain flexible are things I enjoy most about working at Menttium. I'm fortunate to have many different technology topics and tasks to focus my time on.
I wanted to be an air traffic controller when I was growing up.

Jeff Swanson, IT Director

Perpetually behind the scenes, Jeff has been supporting Menttium’s technology since 2001. Jeff is an IT generalist with a very broad skill set.


Top 5 Strengths: Decisive, Resourceful, Analytical, Thinker, Calm