Strategic Partners

Meet Our Strategic Partners

We have a broad array of strategic partners who enable us to provide a full service approach to leadership development. If you’re in need of an Executive Coach, Certified Meyers Briggs Trainer or Subject Matter Expert, here are a few of our trusted partners.


Former automotive general manager with new business start-up and international expertise in cross-cultural communication and cross-cultural mentoring.

Nancy Philippart, PhD

General Partner and Co-Founder, Belle Michigan

Belle Michigan is an early stage investment fund that invests in start-ups in technology enabled services, life science/medical devices, advanced manufacturing, alternative energy and IT/data analytics sectors with female leadership or that commit to gender diversity in C suite and on the board. Nancy is available for speaking engagements and is certified to administer Cultural Intelligence Training with CQ Assessments through Cultural Intelligence Center.


Dell is a long time partner of Menttium having been a mentee, mentor, consultant and facilitator training our mentees on the art of SWOT analysis for professional and personal assessment.

Dellroy Birch, PhD

Principal Consultant, Rego Medical Consultants

Dell is extremely effective at integrating operational systems/processes to solve complex business problems. Talent for developing high-performance executive and transformation teams, making effective decisions under unfavorable conditions, and quickly revising tactics to achieve goals within aggressive time frames. Successful at motivating all levels of employees to focus of increased profitability.


An expert at developing highly skilled executives and technical experts into successful leaders. Understanding the challenges that face today’s leaders, he uses a skills-based coaching approach to help build and leverage their talents.

Jeff Comins, Psy.D., LP, PCC

Principal, The Collabrium, LLC

Jeff works with senior leaders and their teams across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, high-tech engineering, financial and professional services, He also has extensive experience coaching partners in professional services firms, including physicians, lawyers and accountants. Jeff is certified in administration of multiple assessments including CPI260, EQi, MBTI-Q, FIRO-B, HDS, MVPI, and Profilor.


After 40 years working for two major companies (Allied Chemical, for 12 years, and Occidental Chemical, for 28 years), Artie now dedicates his time to mentoring, coaching and writing, aside from enjoying the freedom that comes with a retired lifestyle.

Artie Lynnworth


Artie is a long time partner with Menttium having mentored more than 15 mentees, we regularly tap Artie’s cross cultural knowledge as a world traveler, former executive and passionate leader. Artie is the author of several books focused on life and leadership.


A process facilitation master for groups and organizations (team building, decision making, strategic planning). Skilled at design, development and/or delivery of training programs for corporations.

Tatyana Fertelmeyster

Founder and Principal Connecting Differences LLC

Tatyana is a consultant, trainer, and coach focused on diversity AND inclusion efforts. For companies that are ready to recognize that just bringing diverse people together does not mean that they have diversity “covered”. Tatyana can help your organization ensure employees are able to engage with each other across differences and to sustain that engagement.