After the Move: How Mentoring Can Make a Difference at a New Job

After the Move: How Mentoring Can Make a Difference at a New Job

Relocating to advance your career is a natural progression for many. Whether you’ve been offered a promotion, found a position with a new company, or are moving because of a partner’s career, there are multiple reasons why you may find yourself “on the move.” At Menttium, a relocation or a new role within your organization is a great time to consider a formal mentoring partnership.

With either our cross-company mentoring programs or internal mentoring programs Menttium creates an environment allowing formal mentoring partnerships to provide a support system that works well for business professionals after a big move.

How Menttium Increases Employee Satisfaction After a Move

Many aspects of your life change when you move. From solidifying new daily routines to becoming familiar with your new surroundings, there’s a lot to manage on a personal level once you arrive in a new town. But on a professional level, you want to establish a strong foundation as quickly as you can so that you can begin to thrive in your new environment. A mentor within your organization or outside can provide great support in this process.

While your neighbors and coworkers will be happy to give you recommendations for local hot spots and points of interest, our mentors are here to share valuable insights and help you work through the adjustments and challenges of your new position. Coming into a new role, it’s easy to feel isolated amongst your coworkers, and that uncertain energy can leak out to impact other aspects of your life. Finding your stride at work will help you to find your place within your new community.

Our cross-company mentoring program focuses on bringing together seasoned Menttium mentors who can bring outside perspectives and innovative thinking together with mentees searching to advance their career. If you have been promoted, you are likely identified as key talent within the organization, and your employer will want to continue investing in your development as a leader. A formal mentor can help you identify your areas of early opportunity in your new role, balance the demands of relocation while also doing your best at work, and adjust to working with new team members. The key role mentors often play is that of a sounding board; allowing them to hear your challenges in an objective way and offer advice and perspective where they are able.

How Menttium Cross-Company Mentoring Works

At Menttium, we employ mentors with an average tenure of 7 years within our mentoring program. This means that when our mentors are connected with an employee right after a move, they’re able to share helpful and impactful wisdom that can be applied across a broad range of responsibilities. With our human-based matching process, we make sure that our mentor-mentee pairs are paired well on a number of levels, focused chiefly on the mentee’s development goals. With careful planning and execution in our cross-company programs, we experience a 95% match satisfaction rate. During the match process, you can share the details of your relocation with us, and we will work to match you with a mentor who has gone through a similar experience in their career, if desired.

Once paired accordingly, both our mentees and mentors greatly benefit from their combined worldview and knowledge centered around challenges or issues the mentee is encountering. After all, mentoring is a two-way street! By introducing outside perspectives, we’re able to prompt innovative thinking in these pairs, leading to higher performance and increased employee retention and engagement.

Settle In With Menttium

Whether you’ve moved across town or across the globe, our cross-company mentoring programs can help you to feel at home in your new space. If you think our mentoring programs would be a great resource for you to make your relocation or job move most successful, let your employer know about Menttium. With over 27 years of experience, we feel confident that we can find the perfect formal mentor for you. If you’d like to learn more about our mentoring programs, please do not hesitate to give us a call.