Navigating a Crisis

Top Leaders From the Menttium Community Share Their Insights

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times and impacts both personal and professional, we know that how we respond as leaders is absolutely critical. How do you help ground people in purpose? How do you lead authentically to build emotional safety and trust? How do you convey hope and optimism? How do you respond to business challenges while taking care of your people?


One of the major challenges for leaders is to manage through crisis and at the same time plan for the future.  Leaders from our Menttium community share their insights, experiences and perspectives on navigating the complex crises facing our workplaces and our world.

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Al Johnson

Senior Director, Supplier Management


Jessica Kral

SVP Business Enablement and Technology

Optum Care Services at UnitedHealth Group

Rob Grubka

President Employee Benefits

Voya Financial

Shunda Robinson

Global VP Diversity & Inclusion

GM Financial

Facilitated by Menttium Consultant and Women’s Leadership Expert, Heather Whelpley.

This session originally aired on June 18, 2020.

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Heather Whelpley

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