Professional Development

Select your topic area of focus. Here are a few important and frequently leveraged topics from our community of 80,000 participants. Not seeing the topic you are interested below? Call Us. We have thousands of mentors to support hundreds of topics.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication Style Agility

Mentoring with an Expert

We will match you with a mentor skilled in this area. Menttium mentors all have extensive corporate experience, decades of leadership experience and all have a passion for sharing their wisdom and helping you along your journey.

  • Meet via Zoom, Skype or similar phone or video conferencing
  • 40-60 minute sessions
  • 1 time per week
  • 4 weeks in duration


Have you had a mentor, coach, great manager? Have you been lacking this? Don’t worry either way, we will support you in this rapid relationship building process with proven tools and resources all from the convenience of your home and on your own schedule.

  • On-demand Quick Hits Training on how to effectively leverage meetings with your mentor. These are the tools executives use to be highly effective. (30 minutes)
  • On-demand Business Education Webinar on the topic you have selected. Includes Voices of Experience – wisdom from seasoned leaders. (1 hour)
  • Meeting Agenda Templates
  • Sample Starter Questions for meetings with your Mentor
  • Best Practices for running a meeting and follow up post meeting

Meet our Mentors

Heather Whelpley - Menttium Mentoring Programs

Heather Whelpley

Resident Expert on Imposter Syndrome

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Kathy Leck

Kathy Leck

Resident Expert on Communication Style Agility

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Dell Birch, Ph.D.

Resident Expert on Emotional Intelligence

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Solveig Brown, Ph.D.

Resident Expert on Working Motherhood

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Senior National Sales Account Manager

Alfonso focused his four weeks on the topic of Emotional Intelligence with Dell Birch, Ph.D. “I was very impressed by the Business Education Webinar and speakers including a senior executive from Ameriprise. What caught my attention the most was leading with EQ during a global pandemic. Dell’s passion for sharing his knowledge on this topic was phenomenal! I’m going to start a new topic next month with a new mentor.”