Group Mentoring

Peer Mentoring Creates Powerful Learning using Amplify Group Mentoring

What is Amplify?

The structure of Amplify encourages a learning and development process owned by the participants. Group members identify and design monthly learning activities, provide feedback to each other and develop individual action plans to apply their learning. Mentors contribute to the learning process by sharing their experiences, cross-organizational perspective, and expertise.

Key Learnings from a Recent Amplify Group:

  • Sponsorship – “I’m aggressively pursing sponsorship as a result of this mentoring program – it is important to identify sponsors who are willing to support stretch assignments.”
  • Ownership – “Taking ownership of my career and being clear about what I want – I create my own destiny.”
  • Change Management – “I took concepts from the group back to my department.”
  • Strategic Thinking – “I force myself to pause and try to get out of the day to day in order to drive business forward”
  • Work-Life Balance – “The group helped others to find courage to ensure a better balance.”
  • Expectation Management – “As a group, we learned how to take control of the scope of our roles and manage expectations.”
  • Executive Presence – “I gained awareness of what the leadership team sees as key aspects of Executive Presence.”

Group Mentoring

Typically 6-10 mentees per group with 1-2 mentors. They can come from within your organization or we can identify a mentor from another corporation to support your group.

Monthly Learning Presentations

Mentees will work together as a group to research and present on leadership topics they choose together at the onset of the program. Each month 2-3 mentees team together to share their finding with their full group. Their mentor participants from a support perspective providing guidance through the process.

Peer Networking

Held accountable by their peers, mentees form trusting bonds across functional lines of business and often build lifetime connections.

Why Menttium?

Powerful Learning with Others

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