Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Share Your Experience.

Gain New Perspectives.

Provide Stability &

Hope in Times of Change.

We believe the right mentor can accelerate learning, increase confidence, broaden perspectives and help key talent realize their true potential. We focus on the whole person in formalized mentoring programs to help people thrive at work and in life.

Why I Love Mentoring

Artie Lynnworth, Menttium mentor shares why he continues to mentor with Menttium after 25 years and 25+ partnerships.

Bi-directional Learning

Bi-directional learning is valuable for mentors engaging in mentoring relationships and has kept Dell Birch, PhD coming back year after year for 11 partnerships.

Employee Retention

Menttium’s CEO Missy Chicre and Menttium Mentor Julie Owen, COO of Innovative Office Solutions were recently featured on the news discussing the benefits of mentoring.

How Mentoring Benefits You as an Individual

  • You will play an important role in the professional development of another person and leave a legacy.
  • Engage in bi-directional learning.
  • Network with mentors around the world from other organizations.

How Mentoring Benefits Your Team

  • Deepen your coaching and leadership skills.
  • Strengthen your understanding of front line challenges facing your team – similar to your mentee’s challenges.
  • Learn best practices for supporting the next generation of incoming leaders.

How Mentoring Benefits Your Organization

  • Leverage perspectives and ideas from different companies, industries and functional areas to drive innovation.
  • Gain first-hand exposure to the challenges facing the next generation of leaders and apply your new knowledge back to your organization’s strategy for recruitment, retention, and engagement.

Ideal Mentor Criteria

  • Senior Manager and Above
  • 20+ Years of Corporate Experience
  • An Interest in Giving Back
  • Ability to Volunteer 1-2 Hours Per Month for 12 Months
  • Ability to Develop Rapport Quickly
  • Excel at Building Confidence in Others
  • Excellent at Asking Perspective Changing Questions
  • Ability to Inspire Action
  • A Compelling Storyteller

Top Mentor Skills & Experience Sought by Mentees

  • Authentic Self Promotion
  • Building Personal Brand
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Presence
  • Influencing with and without Authority
  • Leading through Change
  • Navigating Organizational Politics
  • Setting Vision & Direction
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Work/Life Balance

Below is a snapshot of just a few of the dedicated mentors you would join.

  • Judy Little

    Executive Vice President and Founder, JLittle Group

  • Jessie Burgess

    Executive Vice President & CIO, G6 Hospitality

  • Roz Tsai

    Vice President, Talent, Learning, & Org Effectiveness, Thrivent

  • Steve Vakulskas

    Vice President, North America, Solution Architects, GE Digital

  • Jackie Seto, 11x Mentor

    Principal, Side People Consulting LLC

  • Scott Barnum

    CEO, Black Brain Health

  • Dell Birch, Ph.D.

    SVP, Corporate Strategy and Technology Operations

  • Abhay Gupte

    CEO, Manipal Technologies

  • Petere Miner

    Co-Founder and CEO, The CoLoadX Corporation

  • Tom Schlick

    Operational Consultant & Coach, Author, CO2 Partners

  • Cindy Sattler

    Chief Financial Officer, Toppan Merrill

  • Artie Lynnworth

    Author & Retired SVP, Occidental Chemical Corporation

Mentor Testimonials