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Why Mentor?


Wisdom comes from broad experiences and different perspectives.

Menttium Cross-Company Mentors have the opportunity to support a variety of intelligent, motivated, high potential, future leaders.

Become a Mentor

Below is a snap shot of just a few of the dedicated mentors you would join.

Cross-Company Mentors
  • Jeannine Rivet, 25x Mentor

    Executive Vice President, UnitedHealth Group

  • Jessie Burgess, 6x Mentor

    Chief Technology Officer, G6 Hospitality

  • Roz Tsai, 7x Mentor

    VP, Global Institutional Training, Ecolab

  • Steve Vakulskas, 9x Mentor

    Vice President, North America, Solution Architects, GE Digital

  • Jackie Seto, 9x Mentor

    Principal, Side People

  • Scott Barnum, 10x Mentor

    CEO, Black Brain Health

  • Constance Haney, 4x Mentor

    Sr. Director, Global Compensation, CoorsTek, Inc, Colorado

  • Abhay Gupte, 5x Mentor

    Managing Director, Global Operations & India, Logica

  • Joan McIntosh, 10x Mentor

    Executive Director, OD/HRD, Joan McIntosh Consulting, Minnesota

  • Tom Schlick, 13x Mentor

    Vice President, Marketing & Engineering Development at Sterilmed, a part of Johnson & Johnson

  • Jean Lyman, 11x Mentor

    Director, Transition and Transformation, IBM

  • Artie Lynnworth, 15x Mentor

    Author & Retired SVP, Occidental Chemical Corporation

Mentor Testimonials