Our mission is to enrich lives and strengthen organizations through innovative mentoring experiences. As a woman-owned and woman-led business with over three decades of experience, Menttium takes a human-centered approach to help organizations develop, engage and retain their key talent through both cross-company and internal mentoring experiences. We believe in the power of authentic human connection to yield both individual and organizational benefits!

Immediate and Long Run Return on Investment



More engaged in their organization



More likely to stay with their organization



Stronger sense of confidence



Improved leadership skills and more prepared for roles of complexity, authority and/or scope

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Mentee Testimonials

“First, my mentor could not have been a better fit for me. I was very excited to know that I was working with another veteran. I am so appreciative of his council and advice in a year that had a multitude of professional roller coaster situations. His ability to help me navigate this year has given me confidence and courage. I am forever grateful for this experience!


I would never have guessed the power of a mentor that is outside of my organization. I am forever grateful for my mentor’s advice in times that I needed a sounding board from someone not in my chain of command.”

Thomas Rusk

Director of Implementation

The Cigna Group

“Trust the process. It far exceeded my expectations and I had a massive year of growth.”

William Davies
Senior Managing Director

U.S. Bank

“My Menttium mentor was phenomenal. She listened to me and truly understood all of the situations discussed. She consistently provided solid advice and/or posed probing questions that made me think about the challenge in a new way. Natalie’s focus was always on getting to the right approach, resulting in forward progress. Being partnered with Natalie has been a wonderful experience!”

Jennifer Kennedy
Voya Investment Management

“My mentor, Janice has guided me through change within my company due to acquisition. Her mentorship has given me great insight into how to successfully navigate change. It has enabled me to see the broader picture as an HR professional to guide employees through this change too.”

Brigitte Harrison

Associate Director, HRBP


“My mentor reflects characteristics I esteem for in my professional and personal relationships. I appreciate the constructive feedback and seeing things beyond my purview. Her contributions exceeded my expectations. I am honored, encouraged, inspired, and humbled by her mentorship.

I have discovered aspects of my personality that have held me back from reaching my full potential. Realizing there has to be balance between what I bring and how I bring it. This means consideration, flexibility, and openness.”


Compliance Sr. Consultant II

Allstate Insurance Company

“Diane has been a life changer. The skills I have gained from her wisdom and experience will undoubtedly change the projection of my path in this company for the better. I am a better leader, a better teammate and a better employee because of her guidance over the last 12 months.


I want to thank Trinchero Family Estates for offering me the tremendous opportunity to be a part of Menttium. Over the last year to hone my strategic thinking and executive presence skills. Through this year-long mentorship, I have been able to take large strides to becoming a better leader who can contribute to the future success of our company.”

Amanda Ingram


Trinchero Family Estates

“I had a wonderful experience meeting and working with my mentor throughout the year. Her deep expertise, thoughtful and unique views helped me work through challenges with ease and, most importantly great fun. She was a perfect match and I feel so blessed that I was able to partner with her.”

Marianne Perben

Director, Planning Services

ISO New England

“My confidence has grown. I have redefined how I lead “strategic” work and leverage my unique strengths to add value.


Outcomes: I developed personal toolkit for setting a vision and strategy. I created structure for managing strategic time.

Urmi is PHENOMENAL. She has a gift to listen and hear, to calm and guide. I very much appreciated her coaching both personally and professionally and think of her as a friend.”

Amanda Thor

General Mills

Authentic Human Connections

Missy Chicre | Menttium CEO

Innovative Leaders

Scott Hoesman | inQUEST CEO

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