Mentoring Case Study

GM Financial’s Partnership with Menttium:


Driving Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


GM Financial, a leading automotive financial services company, has long been committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Recognizing the importance of mentorship in advancing these goals, GM Financial forged a strategic partnership with Menttium in 2017. Through this collaboration, GM Financial has implemented impactful mentoring programs aimed at supporting the professional development and advancement of underrepresented talent within the organization.




GM Financial operates in a highly competitive industry where innovation and talent are paramount. Recognizing the need to tap into diverse perspectives and experiences to drive success, GM Financial prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. However, they understood that fostering an inclusive culture requires more than just policies and programs—it requires tangible support and opportunities for career growth.

Menttium, a renowned mentoring organization specializing in developing diverse talent pipelines, was a natural partner for GM Financial. With a track record of empowering individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, Menttium offered expertise and resources to help GM Financial implement effective mentoring programs tailored to their unique organizational needs.





The partnership between GM Financial and Menttium was built on a shared commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Menttium worked closely with GM Financial’s DE&I team to implement mentoring programs that addressed the specific challenges faced by underrepresented talent within the organization.

One of the key initiatives implemented was Menttium’s Cross-Company Mentoring Programs, which paired high-potential employees from GM Financial with seasoned leaders from different companies. These mentorship pairs provided participants with access to valuable guidance, support, and networking opportunities, helping them navigate their career paths and increase their key competencies.


Additionally, Menttium facilitated structured training sessions for both mentors and mentees to ensure that participants were equipped with the skills and resources needed to maximize the impact of their mentoring relationships. Topics covered included effective communication, building trust, navigating corporate culture, and managing career development.




Since partnering with Menttium in 2017, GM Financial has seen tangible results from its mentoring initiatives. Participants in the Menttium Programs reported increased confidence, enhanced leadership skills, and greater clarity about their career goals. Many mentees credited their mentors with providing invaluable insights and guidance that enabled them to overcome obstacles and seize new opportunities within the organization.


Furthermore, GM Financial has observed positive shifts in its organizational culture, with increased awareness and appreciation for diversity and inclusion among employees at all levels. Mentoring relationships fostered meaningful connections across different demographics, breaking down silos and fostering a sense of belonging within the organization.


Looking Ahead


As GM Financial continues its journey to be an industry leader in building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, the partnership with Menttium remains instrumental. Moving forward, GM Financial plans to expand its mentoring programs to reach even more employees and further integrate DE&I principles into its talent development strategies.


By leveraging Menttium’s expertise and resources, GM Financial is poised to continue driving meaningful change and creating opportunities for all employees to thrive and succeed, regardless of background or identity. Through sustained commitment and collaboration, GM Financial and Menttium are leading the way in building a more inclusive future for the automotive finance industry and beyond.

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