Mentoring Matters

Mentoring Matters in Today’s Complex World

Why I love Menttium

Artie Lynnworth, 25 year Menttium mentor shares why he continues to mentor with Menttium.

The value of a mentor

Al Johnson shares his perspective on the value of a mentor.

Why Menttium is effective

Increased sense of self worth and accelerated learning through someone else’s rear view mirror. Sue Stanek, Ph.D. worked with Menttium for 20 years as a Senior Consultant.

Situational leadership for the win

Dell Birch, PhD breaks down his dissertation work on leadership traits and ultimately determines the most effective approach in leading is situational leadership – meeting and leading people where they are.

Learn more about how Mentoring can unlock your full potential

In a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, the significance of mentoring cannot be overstated. Whether you are navigating the complexities of a career, seeking personal growth, or striving to master a skill, a mentor serves as the guiding force, offering insights, wisdom, and a roadmap to success. We understand that the right mentorship can make the critical difference between merely existing and truly thriving at work.


The Menttium experience brings mentors and mentees together to foster a culture of shared knowledge, support, and inspiration. Here, we celebrate the profound impact of mentorship on individuals and communities. From igniting passion to providing a steady hand during challenges, mentoring is the catalyst that propels individuals toward realizing their full potential.


Join us on a journey where mentorship is not just a relationship but a transformative experience. Discover the immense value of having a mentor or being one. Explore the stories of triumph, the shared experiences, and the collective wisdom that underscore why Mentoring Matters. As you embark on this adventure, be prepared to unlock doors to unprecedented growth, resilience, and success.


Are you ready to embrace the power of mentorship? The journey begins here – because at Menttium, we believe that every success story has a mentorship chapter.