Transform Your Career with Cross-Company Mentoring

Unlock your potential with Menttium’s innovative Cross-Company Mentoring experiences, a unique leadership development opportunity that has been transforming careers since 1991. Our program expertly matches mentees with mentors from varied companies, creating life-changing experiences. Discover how our tailored approach can elevate your career and personal growth. Join the elite group of professionals who have already benefited from our programs. Learn more about the mentee experience and start your transformational journey today.

Meet with Your Mentor

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Attend Monthly Webinars

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Achieve Your Goals

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12 Months | A Life Transformed

Embark on a transformative journey with our 12-month mentoring program, designed to change your life for the better. This year-long program pairs you with an experienced mentor who will provide personalized guidance, helping you navigate professional and personal growth. Over the course of 12 months, you’ll develop essential skills, gain valuable insights, and achieve significant milestones. Our mentoring program has a proven track record of success, empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential. Join our community of achievers and start your journey towards a brighter future today. Invest in yourself and discover the impact a dedicated mentor can make on your life.

Who Should Enroll? Managers, Directors, Executives mid career, with a growth mindset

12 Months ~ 1-2 Hours / Month


We have new cohorts launching every quarter.

Optional Business Education Webinars held monthly. All sessions are recorded for post event viewing.

Time Commitment

  • Meet Monthly with your Mentor for 12 Months (1 hour/month)
  • Monthly Webinars (1 hour/month)

Typical Participants

  • Manager to Executive
  • Mid-career
  • Growth mindset


  • Set and achieve your own professional goals
  • Expand your Leadership Acumen
  • Reach your Full Potential

Readiness Factors

  • Set meeting agendas and drive conversation
  • Seek out different perspectives
  • Willing to try new things

What to Expect | The Mentee Journey

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Participant Testimonials