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Menttium partnered with the TEDxMinneapolis Team to curate a playlist of TED Talks to enhance the mentoring partnership experience for all of our mentees and mentors.

Gain insight into the key challenges facing employees and the most valuable development areas they are seeking. Learn about the zone of proximal development.

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At Menttium, we are the mentoring experts. The pioneers and leaders in the mentoring space since 1991, we lead innovative mentoring programs that drive stronger performance. We know the right mentor can accelerate learning, increase confidence, broaden perspectives and help key talent realize their true potential. We are motivated by our mission to help people thrive. 


Contact us to share your mentoring goals and talent focus areas so we can discuss details about our program offerings, as well as which programs would be right for your organization. Our clients leverage our programs as an enabler of their people + Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies. We look forward to connecting with you!