Authentic Self-Promotion

Authentic self-promotion is the practice of showcasing your skills, achievements, and talents in a genuine and sincere manner.

Take our quick assessment to pinpoint areas for improvement in your self-promotion skills. Keep reading below for 5 practical steps to improve your authentic self-promotion.

Authentic self-promotion often involves highlighting your unique qualities, strengths, and experiences in a way that connects with your audience and builds credibility and trust.

It is about being true to yourself while effectively communicating your worth and potential to others.

Strength Needs Improvement
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Improve your Authentic Self-Promotion with these 5 Actionable Steps

Clear Messaging

During a team meeting, succinctly communicate a recent achievement using clear and concise language. Focus on the key results and the impact of your work on the team or project.

Leverage Performance Review Time

Before a performance review meeting, take time to reflect on projects where you made significant contributions. Identify specific accomplishments, challenges overcome, and positive outcomes.

Build Your Personal Brand

Consistently reinforce your personal brand by actively participating in industry webinars, sharing relevant articles, and contributing to discussions. Showcase your expertise in a way that aligns with your brand.

Align with Organizational Values

When discussing your achievements with a senior leader, emphasize how your work aligns with the organization’s mission and values. Connect your contributions to broader organizational goals.

Adapt to Different Audiences

Tailor your approach when presenting to a client versus updating your team. Highlight aspects that resonate with each audience, adjusting your messaging to their interests and priorities.