• Dear Menttium Community, Our hearts are heavy with grief and anger at the horrific death of George Floyd in our home of Minneapolis. Our thoughts and prayers go

  • In this time of uncertainty, we want you to know that we care deeply about you and the overall Menttium community. We also want to remind you of the incredible

  • Menttium honored International Women’s Day on March 8, and we continue to recognize women’s achievements and examine the progress we still must make throughout

  • As I sat watching my eight year-old daughter run through obstacles at the Obstacle Academy every weekend for several months, I found myself reflecting on the po

  • By Dellroy Birch, Ph.D. Mentoring Has Many Forms Throughout my career, I’ve always asked the question, “How can I get to where I want to go?” This has become a

  • When I was young, I never thought about failing, I thought the world was there for me to explore and my mind was open to all possibilities. I was the oldest and

  • At Menttium, we believe in the power of mentoring; the right mentor can accelerate learning, increase confidence, broaden perspectives and help key talent reali

  • Since 1991, Menttium has been empowering individuals and corporations alike through mentoring programs in the workplace. We take pride in creating corporate men

  • This month we asked a veteran Menttium mentor, Artie, to share his take on our mentoring programs. It’s been our outstanding pleasure to work with Artie over th