Inclusive Leadership | Building Trust

Professional Headshot of Rob Grubka - CEO, Workplace Solutions at Voya Financial

Rob Grubka, CEO of Workplace Solutions for Voya Financial, shares Voya’s strategy for creating an inclusive workplace culture. Rob reveals the importance of building a foundation of trust and how Voya creates an organizational culture based on this trust. He discusses Voya’s response to the “new normal” by rolling out hybrid and remote work options in line with employee preferences. Rob also offers advice to emerging leaders. Listeners hear Rob’s personal annual review questions that have guided him in navigating his career path.

Importance of Trust in Workplace Cultures

Rob emphasizes that trust is fundamental in creating successful workplace cultures. He explains that trust is built or broken through everyday interactions and effective communication. Rob believes in a people-first approach, recognizing the importance of human connection in achieving business success.

Building and Measuring Trust

Rob discusses his collaboration with Reina Trust Building to quantify and improve trust within his team. By assessing behaviors that build or break trust, they can focus on creating a supportive and trustworthy work environment.

Focus on Talent Development and Inclusion

Rob elaborates on the importance of talent development and fostering an inclusive culture. He believes clear expectations and consistent communication are vital for team alignment and success. The evolving workplace dynamics, especially post-COVID, have reinforced the need for flexibility and responsiveness to employee needs.

Adapting to Hybrid and Remote Work

Rob shares Voya Financial’s approach to embracing hybrid and remote work models. He highlights the benefits of flexibility, reduced commuting, and maintaining high performance standards. This approach aligns with their commitment to a people-first strategy and adapting to the new normal.

Navigating Career Path

Rob shares his career navigation strategies, emphasizing the importance of being open to change, continuous learning, and taking calculated risks. He regularly reassesses his career direction and seeks opportunities for growth and contribution.


The conversation with Rob Grubka underscores the significance of trust, inclusivity, and adaptability in leadership. By prioritizing people and fostering a culture of trust, organizations can navigate change effectively and achieve long-term success.


About Rob Grubka

Rob Grubka is the Chief Executive Officer of Workplace Solutions for Voya Financial. Rob oversees all of Voya’s workplace businesses, which represent approximately 85% of Voya’s adjusted operating earnings and encompass retirement; group and voluntary insurance; savings; and benefits administration. Specifically, Rob oversees Voya’s workplace strategy; products and solutions; pricing; underwriting; operations; marketing; distribution and customer experience teams. He also serves on Voya’s Executive Committee.

Rob has nearly 30 years of actuarial, product management and leadership experience. Prior to joining Voya, Rob led the Group Protection business at Lincoln Financial and held leadership roles in the retirement and annuity businesses. Previously, he held a variety of actuarial roles at Nationwide Financial. Rob earned a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science from The Ohio State University, and he currently serves on the Board of Junior Achievement USA.