The Role of Mentoring Programs in the Workplace

The Role of Mentoring Programs in the Workplace

Since 1991, Menttium has been empowering individuals and corporations alike through mentoring programs in the workplace. We take pride in creating corporate mentoring programs that both improve engagement and build future leaders by unlocking potential. And in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world where personal and professional demands abound, and the pace of change is faster than ever, mentoring programs in the workplace are more valuable now than ever before.

After serving over 80,000 participants across 70 countries in our 27 years of service, our team of experts has continually worked to evolve our corporate mentoring programs to meet the needs of today’s workplace challenges in developing, engaging, and retaining key talent. From nonprofits to multinational conglomerates, there is a place in each work environment for mentoring and an opportunity to take a new look at a timeless concept.

When beginning down your path towards selecting a mentoring partner for your business or yourself, you’ll face the challenge of deciding the role that mentoring will play in either your individual professional life or in the lives of many within your organization. So how can you navigate the world of mentoring and find the program or programs that best suit your needs?

The History of Mentoring Programs in the Workplace

In the past, structured mentoring was focused primarily on developing an individual mentee for career growth, with little consideration given to developing capabilities focused on enhancing leadership and performance results within an organization. Mentoring first gained traction back in 1990, and Menttium was founded in 1991.

During the early years, sponsorship and career progression mentoring became a common and more accepted aspect of corporate life. As mentoring has evolved, many organizations have learned that structured, formal mentoring programs can be a key enabler of their talent and diversity & inclusion strategies. We work with our clients to unlock potential and drive stronger business performance through the power of mentoring.

Why Tracking Mentoring Performance Matters

At the end of the day, individuals and businesses desire trackable, tangible results. While mentoring programs vary, most companies are looking to develop, engage and retain their key talent to drive profitability and innovation. All individuals are seeking ways to enrich their careers and grow both personally and professionally; Menttium’s mentoring programs enable individuals to do just that. We are committed to helping people thrive at work and in life!

At Menttium, we measure gains in key performance indicators to help you prove the return on your investment; so there’s never any doubt as to the impact your selected mentoring program is having either on your mentees or your company as a whole.

Measuring ROI in Mentoring

When it comes to leadership development and measuring your return on investment, it can be challenging. However, we know how critical it is to be able to measure success, so we developed the Return on Mentoring Report. When it comes to measuring ROI in mentoring, we believe in accounting for both personal growth and development, as well as impact on the organization. These changes are brought on by our unique approach to structured mentoring, in which we seek to support individual development goals as aligned with six performance capabilities found in high performing organizations.

These tactics result in not only a sound return on investment, but a tangible Return on Mentoring™. Our mentoring partnerships begin with a Pre-Mentoring Assessment to provide our mentees an opportunity to assess their current capabilities and gauge where they want to focus some of their development goals. We then hand-select mentors whom we know will add value to their mentee’s professional lives in the particular areas that the mentee has indicated he or she wishes to develop. We also survey mentees, their managers, and mentors throughout the year-long partnership to gather feedback and assess progress and impact.

We survey our mentees on a regular basis throughout our programs to not only ensure satisfaction, but to measure the gains individuals are making against performance capabilities with the support of their mentors. We also measure the impact on individual’s careers, job performance, and the overall impact on the company including retention and engagement. Our data from 1,200 recent mentees proves the value of mentoring. You can expect these outcomes when you invest in Menttium for your emerging leaders, high-performers, and high-potential employees.

The Role of Mentoring Programs in Your Workplace

At Menttium, we offer a wide variety of corporate mentoring programs; each of which can serve to better both individuals and corporations alike. With both cross-company and internal mentoring programs, we know that we have the mentoring program you need to address your needs. If you’d like to learn more about starting a mentoring program in your office, contact one of our experts today.