Enhancing Mentoring through Storytelling

Enhancing Mentoring through Storytelling

Harnessing the Power of Storytelling in Professional Settings


Stories wield immense influence beyond childhood or campfire tales; they are pivotal in business. A compelling narrative can evoke profound emotional shifts and even alter brain chemistry. But how does one cultivate storytelling prowess for professional advantage?

At Menttium, we continually empower mentors and mentees to expand their skill sets and foster community. Our commitment extends to hosting events that unite industry experts, like our collaboration with U.S. Bank. Together, we explored storytelling’s impact on mentoring partnerships.

Key Insights


Joined by Menttium network members, U.S. Bank leaders, and seasoned mentors, we delved into the day with insights from Menttium mentors Roz Tsai, Tom Schlick, and Carlos Berger. Each shared transformative anecdotes highlighting storytelling’s role in leadership and learning.

Empowering Workshops


Participants engaged in interactive sessions led by local mentor Jean Storlie, President of Storlietelling LLC. Through exercises focusing on narrative structure and emotional resonance, attendees honed their storytelling acumen. Storlie emphasized storytelling’s universal accessibility and encouraged practical application in professional contexts.

Join the Conversation


Explore storytelling’s impact in business on Jean Storlie’s website. Stay tuned for future Menttium networking events and mentoring opportunities. Join us in harnessing the power of storytelling to enrich your professional journey.