Mentoring Best Practices

For Mentors

Ask Powerful Questions

“Listening and asking questions is as much a part of mentoring as it is leading teams in real life.”

Ask Powerful Questions

Powerful questions are open-ended and lead to reflection and discovery. They help people gain new insights, encourage exploration, and create possibilities. They are curious and non-judgmental as they seek to further learning and connections. The questions often begin with the words What, When, and How. What and When questions are future-oriented. How questions are action-oriented. “Why” questions tend to push people into evaluation and judgment. They often lead to defensiveness. It is recommended to avoid Why questions as they usually help explain the past but do not help people move forward.

Actively Listen and Seek to Understand

Seek to Understand

Work with the mentee to articulate their desired outcomes based on their personal vision, mission, and goals. That is one of the most important roles of a mentor.

Support Goal Development

Support Goal Setting

Practice Continuous Feedback in Each Meeting