‘Control the controllables’ – what results when we reframe our view of situations, and ourselves

Nick Snoply, Chief Administrative Officer for American Health Network

In this episode, Nick Snoply shares with us how life challenges resulted in some of his greatest life learnings. There are many nuggets of wisdom offered in this conversation, beginning with a motivational speaker’s equation which has served as a North Star for Nick: Event + Response = Outcome.

In a time when things can feel out of control, the practice of narrowing our focus to what it is that we can control is both effective and empowering. Self-awareness, and building intentional habits, can positively impact how we view both situations, as well as ourselves. Nick shares many personal examples, including (i) how a self-proclaimed “raging introvert” was able to develop the ability to authentically flex as an extrovert; (ii) how reframing failure into potential opportunity allowed him to broaden his perspective as well as his career success; (iii) and what resulted when he stopped worrying about what others were doing and focused solely on what he was doing.