Creating and Communicating your Brand – in life, career and mentoring

Pam Hollander, Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Client Success at TSMGI, and Founder of PH Marketing Solutions

In this episode, Pam Hollander discusses what she has learned from her experiences as a marketing executive focused on creating and communicating ‘Brands’. As both a former Menttium mentee and 9-time Menttium Mentor, Pam offers a dual perspective as she highlights just how transformative a clearly communicated self-definition can be – as well as noting that it is always an aspect of the mentoring experience. Pam shares her own stories of managing some of the common challenges facing so many of us today (downsizing, being a working mom, career decisions). And she shares the tips and tools that helped her navigate through the changes; and allowed her to capture the learning into a broader definition of who she is today.