Communicating Across Difference – whether physical, positional or cultural difference

Peter Vorbrich, C-Suite Executive

This week’s episode features a conversation with Peter Vorbrich, former CFO for CarVal Investors, and current mentor to both Menttium mentees and a variety of early-stage entrepreneurial companies. Pete draws upon his 25 years of global experience, including the 5 years he lived in Japan, as he shares his insights around the importance of being intentional in both how and what we communicate. His stories demonstrate how successful communication is essential to building a culture of trust – as well as highlighting the fact that when people understand the ‘why’, the ‘how’ becomes easier. Pete also discusses how an intentional focus on seeking opportunities to ‘learn at the point of difference’ has not only enhanced his career but also his mentor experience. This podcast provides a thoughtful and empathetic perspective on communication and connection.