Unlock Your Potential:

Strategies for Navigating Organizational Change

& Enhancing Your Leadership Skills

Larry Sherrell, Consultant

former Vice President of Human Resources

Enhance Your Leadership Skills with special guest Larry Sherrell, Consultant and former Vice President of Human Resources at CECO Environmental Corporation

In this episode, Larry Sherrell, a transformational HR leader, shares his passion for bringing out the best in people through self-development. He identifies best practices to prioritize one’s professional development and shares a 3-step approach for creating a successful self-development plan. He also highlights the importance of listening and offers tips for becoming a better listener. This episode offers surefire strategies to propel one’s professional development to the next level.

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Show Notes


Discover actionable strategies and proven techniques that can unlock your full potential. Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or a seasoned business leader aiming to enhance your leadership capabilities, Larry’s knowledge extends to helping individuals and teams embrace change, adapt effectively, and achieve meaningful results.


Learn about:

  • The art of creating a strong self-development plan
  • The critical role of prioritization
  • A practical 3-step approach that can help you stay focused and achieve your career goals effectively
  • Easy-to-implement tips that can significantly enhance your communication abilities, fostering better relationships and professional growth opportunities
  • How to navigate organizational change—a critical aspect of thriving in today’s dynamic work environments
  • Managing the emotional challenges that often accompany change


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