Menttium Matters

In this episode Dr. Sue Stanek talks about how leading real change starts with yourself. She outlines steps for creating self-awareness and internal change and gives examples of the powerful results that this can have in one’s professional and personal life. We will hear about the profound “aha” moment Sue had that inspired her to create a presentation about the slippery slope of being right. Sue reflects on the strategies she has learned to create an empowering work-life balance. She also shares her habits for success, her advice to young professionals, and her favorite quote.


Video Segments: 

Why Menttium is effective

Increased sense of self worth and accelerated learning through someone else’s rear view mirror. Sue Stanek, Ph.D. has worked with Menttium for 20 years as a Senior Consultant.

Reflect on lessons learned

“If I don’t reflect and pause on the lessons I am learning, I will repeat them.” Sue Stanek, Ph.D., Menttium Senior Consultant shares insight into how reflecting on lessons learned will accelerate behavior change.

Managing your emotions

Sue Stanek, Ph.D., Menttium Senior Consultant with Menttium for 20 years, shares practical advice on leveraging a pause to control and your emotions for effective outcomes.

Service Mindset vs Ego Mindset

Focus on being the best for the world versus being the best in the world. Sue Stanek, Ph.D., shares how she shifts from a ego mindset to a service mindset.

Interpersonal Management

It takes conscious effort to assess how your style can be helping or hurting you. Sue Stanek, Ph.D. Senior Consultant with Menttium shares a story about when bringing others along is just as important as being an expert.