Learning happens at the point of difference

One of the greatest aspects of a mentoring partnership is the gift of taking time to learn from a mentor’s different experiences and perspectives. When we pause to view things from a different angle, it can re-frame both the challenge and solution.


The resources below provide rich perspectives on both how to effectively shift our view, and the powerful results which come from that focus.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.”


-Marcel Proust

Steve Vaskulskas

A mentee had recently changed jobs and was extremely frustrated with the lack of structure, support, and organization at her new company. Our discussions initially addressed her discouragement and regrets. I encouraged her to view the disorganization as an opportunity. Our conversations evolved to discussing how it could be vs. merely how it was.


Instead of lamenting her situation, she began to visualize a plan to make a positive impact on the environment. Her new perspective now gave her a purpose, not merely a job. The same atmosphere existed, but she utilized her core value of positivity to visualize being part of something great, not merely surviving. Same situation, but now a new perspective and exciting vision.


Ignore the conflict and focus on the collaboration that it fosters. A failing infrastructure is an opportunity for strategic innovation. It is important to remember that our perspective is what makes ‘who we are’ much more valuable than merely “what we do.” Five years later she is thriving in her role as a senior leader in the company.

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What would help you to reframe a problem that currently challenges you?


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Why Menttium?

Expanding your perspective is always positive.

Cross-Company Mentoring creates a risk free environment to challenge your own assumptions. Our matches are across diverse industries and job functions. Matching across different industries as the foundation of our philosophy allows us to match high performing achievers with successful leaders without fear of recruiting or sharing competitor knowledge, but it also allows for vastly different perspectives  to come together for an intense year of discovery and growth.

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