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At critical points in our lives and our careers, it often takes an outside perspective to help us push past the limitations we have set for ourselves. Having a mentor in your corner can broaden your perspective and help break through your self-imposed boundaries to achieve what was once unthinkable. Simple actions by mentors can help you unleash your potential and your authentic self; below are just a few.

“The greatest danger for us is not that we aim too high and fail to achieve our goal, but we aim too low and we reach it.”



Kevin Ruth

I have been mentoring with Menttium for about eight years now. What is surprising to me is that I am still participating. A female colleague of mine at the time asked me to consider participating. I did it because she asked me to, but I was not sure what would happen or where it would lead. What was most surprising to me was how much I enjoyed each relationship I developed with my mentee and how different the situations that we deal with together were. The thing I learned the most from this is that if we write down the goals, they tend to happen. Including promotions, job changes, situations being handled, etc. It is a ton of fun to watch someone try things, grow, develop, and achieve the goals we set out for the next year. I have changed over this time; I spend more time listening. For new mentors, all you have to do is be there when your mentee needs you, make sure they have their agenda, and talk about your experiences.

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What is your dream?


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What is the gap between your reality and your dream?

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What if today’s workforce was not only engaged in their work, but enthusiastic about the future with their employer? Mentors help mentees see their full potential and can help them navigate the course to achieve desired results.

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95% of Mentees agree that their mentor positively impacted their enthusiasm to grow in their current position or seek career opportunities within their current company

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