Diversity & Inclusion

Creating Diverse and Inclusive Teams with Menttium's Momentum Cross-Company Mentoring Program

What is Momentum?

Momentum is a cross-company mentoring program designed to accelerate leadership skills focused on professionals of color. Since its inception in 2008, Momentum has impacted 34 corporations committed to changing the landscape of their leadership teams.

The power of Momentum comes from our mentors and the philosophy of cross-company matches. When paired with an external mentor, mentees are more likely to address cultural challenges they face in their day to day work environment.


Menttium Increases Promotion Rates

% of Momentum Mentees Promoted During Their One Year Mentoring Experience

Why is Menttium’s unique match process so critical for professionals of color?

Consider the situation of a high-potential African American woman on your team. She faces the “double-bind” challenge of both race and gender. Will automated software match this individual with another African American leader based on assumptions about similar challenges? What if the mentee would gain more benefit from a match with an accomplished white male, where she can learn from his perceptions and experiences, ask difficult questions and test out ideas in a confidential, trusting relationship?

This is where Menttium’s human match team is most effective. Our trained interviewers will expertly probe for the best fit for this mentee and match to best support her goals.

We have a 29 year track record of 95% satisfaction with our matches and if we don’t get it right the first time, we will rematch to ensure you and your mentees gain optimal value from the partnership..

One-on-One Mentoring Partnership

With only 4% minority representation across Fortune 500 CEOs, we see a major need for diverse professionals to have access to successful mentors. Our Momentum mentors all are vetted to ensure they have a high level of cultural intelligence (CQ) and can support diverse professionals in achieving their career aspirations.

Business Education Webinars

Momentum mentees join Menttium 100 and Ladders mentees for monthly Business Education Webinars focused on topics critical to our mentees and proven to be pivotal to leadership success.

Peer Networking

In addition to a one on one partnership. Mentees also have access to connect with peers from other corporations for an added level of support and opportunity to learn from each other.

Momentum Participant Testimonials

Why Menttium?

Creating Diverse and Inclusive Teams Through Mentoring

Shunda Robinson

Mentee Alumna

VP, Diversity and Inclusion

GM Financial