Senior Leader Mentoring

Mentoring for Senior Leaders

Prepare Senior Leaders to Lead in a Complex World

The unprecedented pace of change and complex challenges facing our leaders have created a new set of leadership expectations. Leaders are challenged to meet short-term business performance demands and to create strategies for business viability over the long term, while simultaneously focusing on employee wellbeing, inclusive cultures, hybrid work environments, and work-life harmony.


Partner with Menttium to accelerate the leadership capacity of your senior leaders! Our Senior Leader Mentoring Program is a highly customized program geared towards leaders who are strategic, prepared, serious about development and have a growing scope of responsibility in their leadership roles. We match them with our most seasoned mentors who are executive and c-suite business leaders who provide external perspective and personal insights based on their own leadership journeys.

Differentiate Mentoring Experiences For Your Key Talent Based on Their Leadership Journeys

With cross-company mentoring experiences designed for key talent at the mid-level, senior leader, and executive ranks, Menttium can partner with you to develop, engage, and retain leaders at any level with our commitment to human-centered mentoring.

Three Pronged Approach

Executive Mentoring Model

Business Drivers

Develop a Broader Strategic Mindset

Harness Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Lead with Empathy and Resilience

Effectively Inspire People

 What I really appreciated about my mentor – she helped me prepare for conversations with executives from different backgrounds/leadership styles. How to listen more carefully, be open to different styles, different countries, etc. I learned how to tailor my messages. That was so helpful to me.


I learned to reflect on issues with a very different perspective. I learned to take a broader view. Be open minded. Be positive.


Purpose – learn, grow, become more than we are. 

Senior Director, Risk Management

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Outcome Based

One-on-One Mentoring Partnership

With a 1:1 mentee/mentor partnership, mentees have an emotionally safe space to be authentic and have “real talk” with a trusted guide.


All mentees take the EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Quotient Inventory) self-assessment and have a personalized debrief with a certified facilitator. Emotional Intelligence is one of the most critical leadership skills in today’s environment.

Menttium Advisor

With a designated Menttium Advisor to support your entire mentoring experience from start to finish, you will be provided with a goal setting canvas, have regular touch bases and be provided with resources to ensure you are set up for success.