Learning happens when you are able to be vulnerable

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Yet it is individual in its construction, and perspective plays a large role – we judge ourselves by our intentions but others by their actions. When we take a proactive approach to building trust we are able to both accelerate and deepen the level of trust realized.

“Whatever life we have experienced, if we can tell our story to someone who listens, we find it easier to deal with our circumstances.”


-Meg (Margaret) Wheatley

Joan McIntosh

With each New Year, I refresh my expectations and begin again with a new mentee. I get excited! Someone amazing is about to come into my life. How will we connect? What will we discover? How will we match our talents and our challenges?

With Menttium’s orientation tools, we are quickly on our way to a productive and satisfying relationship.

There may be ups and downs, surprises, and doubts for both, but the magic is how we work through it together.

My greatest reward is to see [my mentee] accomplish her goals in her own way. My ten years with Menttium have helped me convert life experiences into teachable moments and find deep gratitude for those who mentored me. Most importantly, I continue to learn that people long to bring their gift to the world. With Menttium’s help, they can set it free!

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Why Menttium?

Industry Leading Match Process

Our customized matching process has set the industry standard. We guide our mentees through a mentor identification process with skilled interviewers, not a basic algorithm; we have a team of dedicated people to make meaningful and successful matches not a computer!

Return to Confidence


Match Satisfaction Rate

We have a 28 year track record of 95% satisfaction with our matches and if we don’t get it right the first time, we will rematch to ensure you and your mentees see ultimate value in the partnership.

Advance to Potential