Knowledge Transfer is Essential to Accelerate Learning

Mentoring has been with us since stories were first shared – and not coincidently remains the most effective way to share learning. Standing on the shoulders of a more experienced and skilled mentor allows a mentee to reach greater heights, both professionally and personally.

“Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right questions.”



Jeannine Rivet

Mentee (always)/Mentor (privilege)


I had a great mentor in my twenties that saw more in me than I did. He was a CEO who challenged me to grow and develop. He trusted me and guided me along the way. His words of wisdom to me were ‘speak up’ and ‘know your audience’ in meetings, presentations, writing, and conversation. I’ve had formal and informal mentors, and I am a continuous learner. I have been privileged to pay it forward through being a mentor. In my twenty-eight years (twenty-five with Menttium) as a mentor to both men and women, I continue to learn from the experience and help develop individuals. I share trust, confidence, questions, insights, and compassion. I am proud of the many whom I have seen develop, grow, gain confidence, try new roles, create work-life balance, and expand their leadership skills. Many of them are now mentors!


WISDOM: Wise and trusted counselor or teacher; sharing in open and honest dialogue and role modeling.


MENTOR: Knowledge of what is true or right coupled with judgment, discernment, and insight.

A few resources on seeking, finding and passing on Wisdom

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How can a mentor be of the greatest help to you right now? How can you be most helpful to someone you are mentoring?


What could you do less of?


What do you wish you knew back when you were just starting your career?

Why Menttium?

Learning from others is the path to wisdom.

Menttium matches mentees with mentors who have extensive experience, leadership responsibilities at the highest levels of their organizations, a willingness to share their insights & lessons learned, as well as a keen desire to develop others.

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95% of Mentees agree their mentoring experience positively impacted their readiness to take on roles with greater complexity, scope or authority

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