Standing Together for Change

Pilot Cohort Results

Mentee Impact

I feel more comfortable discussing gender equity in the workplace. 0%
I feel more personally accountable for supporting women's development and advancement at my organization. 0%
I am more confident in speaking up/being an ally. 0%
I am more aware of common challenges confronted
by women in the workplace.
I am actively examining my personal gender biases.0%

Mentor Impact

I believe being mentored by a woman is a critical leadership development experience.0%
I will encourage other men in my organization to serve
as allies to women.

Biggest Takeaway

“Improved understanding and perspective on women at work; the need for a different and more proactive approach on my part is needed to help.”

“Wonderful forum to speak honestly about tough issues. Hearing from multiple perspectives and gender experiences created opportunities for fresh dialogue and actions.”

“[My mentor] was incredibly supportive and open with me which helped me better embrace what change means not just for women but women of color. To have a mentor that is willing to be open and listen is incredibly important and helped me become a better person and leader as well as advocate.”

“Truly, every session was highly valuable. I learned so much – felt vulnerable and uncomfortable at times which led to growth!”

“To be fortunate to continue my journey in the area of inequity/inequality as well as gaining more potential women mentors and friends who are willing to share their opinions with me.”

“The program was an inspiration to speak out!”

Why gender equality is good for everyone – men included

Yes, we all know it’s the right thing to do. But Michael Kimmel makes the surprising, funny, practical case for treating men and women equally in the workplace and at home. It’s not a zero-sum game, but a win-win that will result in more opportunity and more happiness for everybody.

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