Menttium Matters

In this episode, Consultant and Executive Coach Jayne Heggen shares best practices for aligning your performance goals with your personal goals, core values, and life purpose.  This is a crucial step in goal setting that many people overlook.  Jayne offers strategic advice for effectively navigating the uncertainty of choosing the best path when you come to a crossroads in your career or life.  She also shares her lifelong journey of moving back and forth between being a mentee and a mentor.

This week’s episode features a conversation with Jayne Heggen. Drawing from her experience as a management consultant who helps companies and leaders transition through change, Jayne highlights the key elements needed to create successful change and employee support. She describes the motivations of the 4 generations in the workplace and offers tips for communicating effectively across an organization. Jayne also reveals the 3 most important skills a new manager must master and identifies 3 books that every leader should read.