The power of Perspective – Shifting our view of Challenges

Jennifer Meyer | Senior Director, UnitedHealth Group Center for Clinician Advancement

This week’s episode features a conversation with Jennifer Meyer, Senior Director with United Health Group at a very unique moment in time – the day before she steps away from her successful career, to take a professional sabbatical for the benefit of her family. Jennifer intentionally chose this timing to ensure she would be open and honest with her perspective on this life transition, in recognition of the reality that so many others are also facing changes and challenges. In a great example of a mentoring mentality, she decided to use this interview as an opportunity for others to hear that they are not alone on this journey.


During this conversation Jennifer reflects on the fact that we are not meant to lead a pain-free life; and the hard won wisdom that can result when we choose to face the pain instead of looking away. And she shares her list of 4 P’s, which she credits for all of her success: People, Perspective, Patience, Perseverance.