Unlocking Team Potential: A Journey of Strengths, Diversity, and Creative Leadership

Jolie Haupert, Vice President, Consumer Experience at U.S. Bank

Headshot of Jolie Haupert - Vice President, Consumer Experience at U.S. Bank

In this episode, we explore the power of strengths in both team dynamics and leadership development. Our guest, Jolie Haupert, Vice President of Consumer Experience at U.S. Bank, shares insights from her career journey, including a pivotal moment where she transformed her division to better reflect diverse communities.


Jolie discusses how leveraging her strengths helped facilitate this cultural shift and how embracing diverse perspectives strengthened her team. Throughout her career, she emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and uses tools like Gallup’s StrengthsFinder to empower her mentees and enhance team leadership.


Join us as Jolie reveals practical strategies, like utilizing creativity to support team well-being during times of change and disruption. Discover how embracing strengths and diversity can lead to stronger, more effective teams. Go team!