Women Mentoring Men

Standing Together for Change℠

Build awareness; identify blind spots.

Learn inclusive leadership behaviors.

Be a change agent.

As we continue to innovate and evolve our programs, we are excited to pilot a new, cross-company mentoring program focused on women mentoring men to strengthen inclusive leadership capabilities and engage men as advocates in gender parity. We believe that by women and men coming together to have courageous conversations on gender dynamics in the workplace and barriers to gender parity, in addition to experiential learning with a group of dynamic leaders, we can create positive change together. It will take all of us!

When men are actively involved in gender diversity, 96% of companies report progress.

BCG Gender Diversity Study (2017)

For companies that prioritize creating a culture of equality, data shows that women are four times more likely to reach senior manager and director levels.

Accenture, Getting to Equal (2018)

Men who have women mentors are more aware of gender bias than men who do not have this experience.

Catalyst (2009)

Why now?

Despite a strong focus on Diversity and Inclusion across organizations and many different efforts specifically focused on driving gender parity, women continue to be underrepresented at every level of the corporate pipeline (Women in the Workplace, 2019). There are still many barriers that get in the way of the advancement of women and achieving gender parity in our workplaces.


At Menttium, we have a long history and tradition of developing and advancing women through mentoring. Now, we are being intentional about engaging men in a unique mentoring experience to build awareness, sharpen skill-sets and continue to develop the confidence to be advocates for gender parity. By standing together as leaders, as women and men, we can be change agents to drive inclusion!


This 6-month pilot program includes:

Monthly face-to-face facilitated group sessions

Monthly one-to-one mentee/mentor parternship meetings

Ongoing tools and resources

Check-ins and surveys to measure impact

The Menttium Difference

For nearly 30 years, Menttium has been leveraging our world-class matching process to create successful mentee/mentor matches with a focus on creating emotional safety to deepen learning and growth.


With the combination of our track record, our incredible network of experienced mentors, and our organization’s commitment to the development and advancement of women, we believe that our participants will have the ability to enable transformational change.



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