The Best Ways to Cultivate Key Talent

Every year, new graduates enter the workforce, and qualified talent climbs higher within your organization. Recruiting and retaining that key talent is essential to the success of a company. So, how do you do it? We have the answers—unlocking the full potential of rising employees is at the heart of Menttium’s structured mentoring programs. There are plenty of factors that high potentials look for in an employer, but at the top of most lists is a company that is passionate about helping them grow and develop throughout their career. To them, there’s nothing worse than landing at an organization that doesn’t dedicate any time or energy to helping you become a successful leader. Employees want to feel valued—so how do you show them that they’re more than just cogs in a machine?  


Through leadership development opportunities, a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, and mentoring programs, you can offer support and guidance from the moment a high potential accepts your offer of employment. If you value your employees, it should be reflected in the culture of your company, not only by offering excellent benefits but by also by ensuring that your employees continue to learn, grow, and develop skills throughout their careers. Cultivating high potential talent isn’t a far-off achievement—often, the best ways to do so are right at your fingertips.


Create a Desirable Company Culture


Before you can attract—and hold onto—top talent, you need to create a company culture that stands out. Without values and a mission that aligns with their goals, your company won’t appeal to potential hires. When positioning your organization as the top choice, you need to take a look at what new and current employees want. Creating unique opportunities for each new hire, as well as offering a well-defined job description, is a good start. The more specific you are with defining potential job responsibilities, the more likely you are to find the perfect match for the position. On top of that, highlighting any and all opportunities for career and skill development will only aid you in your search for the top talent.


Making sure you provide the appropriate benefits is also critical. When hiring new employees, you want them to feel that they’re getting more than just a salary. The younger generations don’t just want a company where they can work from home whenever they like—despite what popular culture tells us. What they really look for is respect for the work-life balance, career development opportunities, continuing education programs, and alignment of their personal values with those of their organization.


Utilize Career Development Programs


The last thing you want is for your high potentials to feel as though they’re stagnating. By offering career development programs that will help them continue their education, you can increase job satisfaction, retention, and engagement. Mentoring programs are one of the best ways to support and encourage your employees.


Rising stars within your company will need guidance as they continue to climb. A mentor can help his/her mentee develop the skills needed to navigate through meaningful, or difficult, conversations and challenge them to think innovatively. With the right mentor, they can learn to overcome obstacles they may face in the workplace, as well as capitalize on their successes. At Menttium, our experienced interviewers create intelligent mentor-mentee matches that foster authentic dialogue and innovative thinking. By providing employees with the tools and resources they need to grow professionally and advance in their career, you show that you value and care about them.


Well-trained and educated employees produce higher-quality work, positioning your company to be at the top of its field and catching the eye of potential talent. Not only does this impact your chances of recruiting that top talent, but a mentoring program can increase the current job satisfaction and retention rates at your company while allowing mentees to develop strategic thinking, teamwork skills, and passion for what they do.


Mentoring Programs from Menttium


It seems obvious, but it needs to be said—when you provide your employees with resources and tools that help set them up for success, they feel valued. But it takes time to get those resources in place. You have to create a culture within your company that fosters continuous learning and development, encourages strategic and creative thinking, and inspires innovation. Keep in mind that, as younger generations enter the workforce and begin to rise, they aren’t looking for just any old job—they’re looking for a company that will help them grow and thrive throughout their professional careers.


With 28 years of success under our belt, we continue to create high-quality mentoring programs that can help you cultivate and develop key talent into future leaders of your company. We’re passionate about helping you create a workplace you can be proud of and eager to help you increase retention and improve job satisfaction by designing, facilitating, and administering mentoring programs. With the help of a mentor, your high potentials will develop skills that can help them become leaders and changemakers within your company. Contact us today to learn more about what Menttium has to offer.