Menttium offers a variety of mentoring programs supporting executives and mid-level leaders around the world. Learn more about our program offerings below to determine which solutions are right for your key talent.

Executive Mentoring Programs

Sr. Leader & Executive Mentoring

Senior & Executive Level

This executive mentoring program is designed to accelerate senior leaders’ ability to achieve business objectives and enhance their leadership capabilities to inspire growth. This cross-company experience offers one-to-one mentoring for your rising executives by matching them with mentors who are seasoned executive and c-suite leaders from other organizations.

Women Mentoring Men


Executive Level

This new, cross-company mentoring program is focused on executive women mentoring executive men to strengthen inclusive leadership capabilities. We believe that by women and men coming together to have courageous conversations on gender bias and to participate in experiential learning, we can engage men to play an active role in being both allies and advocates for gender parity.

Developing key talent



Developing all key talent across the globe - our most inclusive program to fit your broad leadership development strategies.

Advancing Women



Our flagship program running since 1991 for women only. This started in Minneapolis and has since expanded to serve over 70 countries across the globe. Leverage this program to focus on advancing women throughout your organization.

Menttium Momentum Program



Developed in 2008 for professionals of color to create access and enable advancement. Leverage this program an an enabler of your diversity, equity & inclusion strategies.

professional development through mentoring

Mentoring Essentials

Customized to Your Needs

Menttium’s Mentoring Essentials offers you the flexibility to design and implement a mentoring program within your own organization. Menttium partners with you to understand your goals and design the program that is right for your company. We provide access to proven best practices, processes and a platform, if desired, to ensure success. You may choose from a variety of program components, which can be delivered virtually and as a stand-alone product; or as a full package.


At Menttium, we do all things mentoring! As the leaders in formal corporate mentoring programs since 1991, we have almost 30 years of mentoring expertise. We know the right mentor can accelerate learning, increase confidence, broaden perspectives and help key talent realize their true potential. We focus on the whole person and leverage formalized mentoring programs to help people thrive at work and in life, while delivering stronger business results.

Our innovative cross-company mentoring model, launched in 1991 and continually enhanced, is designed to match your key talent with external mentors for a unique, 12-month leadership development experience. The emotional safety created between mentee and mentor in our cross-company model allows for authenticity, vulnerability and accelerated growth so mentees become more effective leaders. With mentees and mentors globally, we support participants in 70+ countries through virtual partnerships. Conversely, our Mentoring Essentials allows you to partner with us to either implement or enhance an internal mentoring program within your own organization.

“Mentoring can help build out relationships, compassion and even creativity and innovation in individuals.”

Jeannine Rivet

Retired, Executive Vice President

UnitedHealth Group